Auscura’s outpatient procedure coordination platform, SmartContact, leverages asynchronous communication and automation to meet the needs of patients and healthcare providers.

Patients receive essential information one week before their procedure, addressing concerns and setting expectations. This proactive approach alleviates anxiety and prepares patients for their upcoming procedures. Keeping patients informed and engaged also helps reduce no-shows.

Post-procedure, SmartContact uncovers patient wellbeing and satisfaction issues through timely check-ins. Early identification of complications enables prompt intervention and resolution. Feedback is gathered one week after the procedure, facilitating continuous improvement and enhancing patient satisfaction.

SmartContact introduces asynchronous, SMS communication and minimizes the need for callbacks, saving staff time and increasing efficiency. It generates comprehensive performance metrics, providing valuable insights into operational efficiency, patient satisfaction, and outcomes. These metrics empower healthcare organizations to monitor team performance, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions to enhance care quality.