SmartContact revolutionizes home health (HH) care by empowering patients to engage with their care team using mobile devices, improving health outcomes. It enables patients or authorized family members to report concerns following each visit promptly.

HH value-based care (VBP) contracts focus on three crucial performance metrics: care effectiveness(outcomes), cost (readmissions), and CAHPS scores. The HHCAHPS survey measures patient care, communication with clinicians, and the resolution of home care issues, which are interconnected. Common patient issues include pain control, supplies, follow-up, and medication management.

SmartContact incorporates advanced issues screening technology to identify and resolve problems efficiently while tracking individual staff performance. Swift resolution of complaints is key to enhancing patient outcomes, fostering loyalty, and maximizing VBP reimbursement.

Case Study

In December 2021, the Visiting Nurses Association Health Group (VNAHG)initiated an electronic check-in system for a subset of home health patients in Central New Jersey. Each was sent post-visit SMS links to a secure check-in site. This allowed any questions or concerns to be forwarded to the clinicians.

Eight percent of 601 survey respondents in December 2021 reported issues such as inadequate pain control, changing symptoms, medication concerns, supply needs, and follow-up questions. A member of the clinical team subsequently contacted these patients. VNAHG noted an improvement in the HHCAHPS composite for Communication Between Provers and Patients.

Additionally, the modified net promoter score (mNPS) increased across all clinician types from December 2021 through April 2022. The mNPS is the difference between the top box percentage (very good) and the bottom three(average, bad, and very bad) on a 5-point Likert scale of the patient’s experience.