About Us

Our company name is derived from the Latin words Aus, "to listen," and cura, "to help," reflecting our dedication to understanding and addressing the concerns of all healthcare stakeholders, from patients and physicians to nurses, administrators, and payers.  

SmartContact™ is Auscura's modular platform that leverages smart technology to enhance value-based healthcare. An expert clinical team designed the following use cases to streamline staff workflows, bridge existing operations gaps, and achieve tangible results.

Issues Screening
Uncover and resolve all patient  concerns

Complaint Management
Prevent grievances from escalating

Provider Benchmarking
Drive improvement with metrics

Department Reports
Push monthly reports to leaders

Gratitude Streaming
Offset burnout with praise

Support Research
Collect and organize data

Care Coordination
Control ED overuse and avoid admissions

Inpatient Rounding
Digital patient and family communication

Procedure Messaging
Periprocedural patient engagement


Won a 2017 Innovation of the Year award from Urgent Matters, Phillips, and Schumacher

Included in Megan Ranney’s ACEP presentation, Must Know Digital Health for Emergency Physicians

Featured in Quality Innovations in Acute and Emergency Care (by Wiler, Pines, Ward)

Described by ENA leaders in JEN as Discharge Texting: The Evolution of ED Callbacks

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